Thursday, April 28, 2011


Nostalgia is a powerful addictive. It seems to pull you where you never thought you'd return. But when you do, you wonder why you ever left. To leave the place where your heart felt whole. Where dreams were real and nothing was impossible. Where friendships were first started and hopefully never forgotten.

But time is a horrible thing. It stretches the ties of friendship enough to strain or even break it. To live in the world is to know that time is the ultimate master and that no matter how good the intentions are, things change. Life moves on. Death conquers all. But hope still, and always will, remain. Hope for a better future. Where, paradoxically, the future resembles the past we hold onto so dearly. When better times then, will be the better times now. When the golden age that has passed will not hold a candle to the age to come and the world that we will soon create.

For the one thing the world hints at but never gives us, is the knowledge that we do have the power to change it. It is subservient to our will and for better or worse, that is the truth. So rise up and life your heads high. The end is not nigh. It never was and never will be. As long as hope remains, we live. So live with hope in your heart and that, is how we achieve immortality.

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